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fertilizer spreader manufacturers

Korea's No. 1 spreader, We will definitely become worldwide No.1


I am happy that you visit the homepage of Iksan Agricultural Machinery and thank you heartily for still loving us and being interested in us.

As I have been walking a single path of agricultural machinery from 1979, I studied in German technological institute and established the company in 1988. Since then, I have led the development of agricultural machinery, posses Approx. 100 kinds of patents and several international patents and our company has grown as an enterprise of middle standing that the area of the factory is Approx. 10,000㎡ and the test packing area is Approx. 6,600㎡. I think that it is all thanks to your support.

The head office has economically produced safe agricultural machinery that it is easy for you to use it and workability is excellent by the excellent talented persons and technical team, various international information to grow as the international agricultural machinery company. it is recognized as the top production company of spreaders, cereal case and equipment which germinates seeds. Especially, we will study hard to make our dream that it will be world wide No. 1 in the spreader field definitely.

Our company won the prizes including 「New Intelligent Person Prize」, 「Boastful Korean Grand Prize in the Technical Part」「The Ministers' Prize for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries」 as it has been ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international patents certificated and it has developed innovative machinery. We will promise you that we will provide the best products and services for you with world class competitiveness.

Again, Thank you heartily for visiting our company's homepage.

CEO Wan-soo Kim